Grand Orient Egyptian
Official Formation
 of  Masonieria Egipcia del Antiguo Primitivo Rito de Memphis Misraim



By official declaration of our illustrious Worshipful Master Frank G. Ripel 99°, Grand Hierophant and guardian of our Ancient Egyptian Rite; The American confederation of Egyptian Freemasonry of Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim has entered into a new era. Under this era of more cohesive cooperation and mutal work a new Order has been formed via official and legal charter. This new Masonic Order; Grand Orient Egyptian.

For being operative, our Freemasonry, conscious of accomplishing the great Ascended Master Cagliostro's divine intention and trancendent teachings of the ancients, does not admit any limitation to the absolute liberty of conscience and, for its natural extension, the complete liberty of the spirit. 

All of the free and honest human beings, from all races, genders, religions, social situations, philosophical or political ideals and economic conceptions should commune in harmony and unity to be free citizens within the temple of Masonic light. The operative magicks of Ancient Egyptian Freemasonry shall be transmitted through our workings. United in this glorious endevour, we the custodians of this magickal Rite now open this new federation.  


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